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Fallschirmjaeger Insignia

This range of 28mm figures includes; rifle and sub machine gun sections, “Tank Hunter” teams – with Panzerfaust and Panzerschreck, MG 42’s in LMG and HMG roles, 81mm and 120mm mortar teams, “Tank Riders” and specialists such as snipers, medics, etc. The FG42 unique to the FJ and the MP 44/StG44 are also included. To complement the figures there are vehicles and heavy weapons packs; Kubelwagen, Motorcycle and side car combination, PAK 40, Nebelwerfer and MG34 in Anti-Aircraft Role.


The word Fallschirmjäger is from the German Fallschirm "parachute" and  Jäger  "hunter", the light infantry of the Prussian Army. Having seen Soviet parachute demonstrations Hermann Göring became personally committed to the creation of Germany's parachute capability. During the mid-1930’s he created Germany's first dedicated airborne regiment, giving it the military designation Regiment General Göring on 1 April 1935. The unit was incorporated into the newly formed Luftwaffe in October of 1935.


These Elite troops fought in practically every theatre of the German war effort, from the early years, with the landings at Fort Eben Amael and the island of Crete, the famous "Gran Sasso" raid to rescue Mussolini, stubborn resistance at Monte Cassino against Allied troops in Italy, right through to the Normandy landings, the Ardennes Counter Offensive - more commonly known as the Battle of the Bulge, and last days of the war in Germany on both the Eastern and Western Fronts.

The “Green Devils” as they were known were well respected by their enemies and even though in the later years they were rarely, if at all, used in a true Parachute role, they retained their Elan and Elite status as fighting troops. Fighting under a succession of well know leaders such as General Kurt Student, and Bernhard Ramcke of the famous “Ramcke Brigade”, the Fallschirmjaeger, alongside units of the SS were used for strategically and tactically important tasks, as well to shore up defensive positions, launch counter attacks and gain the initiative, time and time again.

With these figures you can recreate the Gran Sasso raid, relive the stubborn defense of Cassino or re-fight the battles around St Lo in Normandy, as well as many others.

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