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 These 28mm Elite Wargaming Figures from World War 2 troops include US Paratroopers, German Fallschirmjaeger,  Waffen SS,  Volkssturm, British Paratroopers, Long Range Desert Group, Italians and more.

The Elite 28mm Wargaming Miniatures Range

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We understand the devil is in the details, so we dedicate countless hours researching every new product range to ensure our 28mm miniatures are meticulously handcrafted and steeped in historical accuracy. Our goal is to ensure that each figure we produce authentically represents the uniforms and armaments of the World War II era. From British and US Paras to to the Deutsches Afrika Korps section based in North Africa, our wide range of Elite figures are available in various dynamic poses, bringing the battle to life.

We take pride in being a UK-based company, and our 28mm miniatures UK range showcases the best of British craftsmanship. The Elite range is tailored to complement the massively popular Bolt Action rules set, offering versatility and compatibility with your rules and games of choice. Equally the figures can be used with rules such as Chain of Command, or DAK Attack. 

Orders from our Elite range won't disappoint, just check out our customer reviews. Draft your own dynamic scenarios with our thoughtfully chosen miniatures that breathe life into your gaming campaigns. We also offer some free downloadable painting guides as well as "How to paint" books to purchase. Order today and enhance your collection with our Elite figurines set in World War II.

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