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The Near Future 28mm Wargaming Miniatures Range

Our 28mm Wargaming Miniatures imagine a period of urban warfare and general lawlessness. Police units are pitted against gangs of rioters and terrorists.

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Our "Near Future" range is the cutting-edge of tabletop warfare, with carefully crafted miniatures designed to captivate, inspire, and imagine a period of Sci-Fi urban warfare and general lawlessness or post-apocalyptic cityscapes. These dynamic and realistic figurines can be played in your urban conquest, but this bunch of troublesome characters aren't guaranteed to play by the rules. Immerse yourself as you aim to control or unleash chaos during your campaign with our diverse range of wargaming figures, each meticulously crafted to cover a spectrum of roles and scenarios on the urban battlefield.

Complete your urban warfare objectives where no idea is too big whilst exploring our carefully curated collection designed for matched play missions and epic campaigns set in the interesting and desolate cityscape terrain of the Near Future, where chaos rules. Our commitment to authenticity is reflected in our diverse range of character options, from police units and SWAT teams pitted against gangs of angry rioters and mobs running down the streets. You can be rest assured that each figurine has been crafted with precision and can be played to fit various rule sets such as "Aggro" or "Gaslands" ; you can also adapt the figures for use in various Zombie scenarios and games. Why not modify them to use with the highly successful De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) wargame rules for recreating ancient and medieval battles with miniature figures, but use and classify with a modern twist - Riot Police to a Blades or Shield wall, Mounted Police to Knights, Rioters to Psiloi and so on....

Elevate your collection today and buy our Near Future figurines. The figures come with a diverse range of weapons and street furniture, some are open handed so you can arm them as you see fit. Create future epic battles; create them with our miniatures and bring your gaming ideas to life.

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