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Russian Infantry

The models in this range represent mid to late war infantry and specialist troops. This range of Russian troops consists of models suitable for spring and summer combat, we will be adding others for the Winter, in due course. 

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The Russians today call the period from 1941 to 1945 the “Great Patriotic War.” The fighting on the Eastern Front accounted for 75–80% of the casualties that the German units suffered during the war, in addition to inflicting severe defeats on Germany’s allies, such as Romania, Italy and Hungary. The fighting included such bloody battles as Stalingrad, Kursk and later Operation Bagration, and leading finally to the occupation Berlin in 1945. 

The infantry were generally armed with the characteristic individual equipment of the Soviet trooper of the time, the already obsolete but reliable Mosin-Nagant rifle. Officers usually carried a Tokarev pistol, the classic drum magazine PPSH sub-machine guns were issued to NCOs and privates when available. The basic squad machine gun was the Degtyaryov and this was issued to LMG teams. Automatic rifles were also issued to NCOs and specially trained troops.

In terms of support weapons these were typically the heavy machine gun, the old M1910 Maxim, and three main types of mortar, 50mm, 82mm and at the regimental level 120mm. Ammo boxes were usually olive green. The Soviet troops were poorly equipped with individual anti-tank weapons using obsolete anti-tank rifles, as well as hand held anti-tank weapons such as the Panzerfaust captured from the Germans. The Soviets were equipped with large quantities of anti-tank guns in later years. 

The uniform was basic, low quality and often highly variable in colour. The standard colour was an olive shade of khaki, but in reality, given dyeing techniques of the time, and different sources and variety of materials meant the colours varied extensively from olive green through to pale brown. Summer uniforms were made of cotton and faded to a cream colour. The waist belt was leather with an aluminium buckle, and pouches and belts were usually brown leather or canvas. In mid to late war years, the standard boots were closer to German jackboots. Helmets were green but the colour varied from a dark olive through to a greenish yellow.

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