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NEW RELEASE: Waffen SS "Command", "PAK40" & "Sniper/spotter" figures

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

We are releasing more Waffen SS figures to join our recent British Paras release! We have three new packs for you...

EGSS 959: Command pack – comprising six figures, can be used to create Platoon or Company level command. Two officer figures, one in submariner leather jacket, NCO, radio team, and signal flare man.

EGSS 960: PAK 40 + Crew - comes with spares ammo rounds and case 5 figures, two dressed in classic one-piece overall

EGSS 961: Sniper/Spotter - includes figure armed with a monocular.

Treat yourself this Easter with these new figures! And why not combine your Waffen SS figures out our "How to Paint Germans" Painting Guide by Mick Farnworth! This comprehensive guide to painting German figures of WWII is available from Offensive Miniatures for £19.99. Watch the video below or click here to check out Mick Farnworth's painting guide!

Click the button below to shop all our Waffen SS figures!

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