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This range includes command and section packs, support teams – 81mm mortar and MG 42 and a pack of “Tank Riders”, armed with a cross section of MP 40, rifles, Sturmgewehr 44 (StG 44) and section LMG’s. The figures can be painted up to represent mid to late war SS units fighting on the Eastern and Western Front, including foreign units such as SS Division Wiking, Charlemagne and the Walloon Legion, or all German units such as Leibstandarte, Das Reich and Hitler Jugend.

SS Panzer Division Symbol


Often referred to as "Hitler's Fire Brigade" these troops represent some of the toughest soldiers in Germany’s the Third Reich. The Waffen-SS meaning "Armed SS" was the military branch of the Nazi Party's SS organisation.

During the years it operated its formations included men from Nazi Germany, along with volunteers and conscripts from both occupied and unoccupied lands. The Waffen-SS grew from three regiments to over 38 divisions during World War II, and served alongside the Heer (the regular army). Fighting on every front during the war members of the Waffen-SS were accused of being involved in a number of atrocities as they fought against regular army opposition as well as partisans and resistance movement members.


The SS were often seen in combat clothed in a variety of camouflage schemes, for smocks, helmet covers and Zeltbahn, including the commonly seen Plane Tree (Plateanenmuster) and Oak Leaf (Eichenlaubmuster) patterns with specific colours for spring and autumn, as well as Peadot (Erbsenmuster), they were also known to wear Italian camouflage. Modelling and Painting World War II German Military Figures by Michael Farnworth is highly recommended to help to get to grips with the SS uniform patterns.

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