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SALUTE: Pre-orders!

We are as ever looking forward to seeing customers old and new at this year’s “Salute 50” 🎉 Find us as Stand TE01!

This year we are offering a gift to those who get the pre-orders to us by midnight (UK time) on the 18th of April:

▪️ For pre-orders over £50, you can select one of our four various Freebie figures! You can choose your freebie on the day or let us know which you want in advance with your pre-order to make sure you can get it, and well pack it with your order.

▪️ For pre-orders of £100 or more, you can select one of our single figures and one of our Vignettes.

As we have limited stock please order early!

At the show, we will also be carrying all our new releases, British Paras, Waffen SS as well as the DAK Rule Book and copies of Mick Farnworth’s "Painting WWII German Military Figures" painting guide.

And finally, all customers who get to our stand before 12.00 pm and provide us with a valid email address will automatically be entered into a Prize Draw to get the Sven Hassel set, available for collection after 14.00 (or we will post to the lucky winner). All pre-order customers will automatically be entered into the Prize draw!

Good luck, see you in London!

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