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NEW RELEASE: British Paras "Drop Zone - resupply", "Parachutes" & "Hand carts"

We have 3 new packs in our British Para range to keep your troops fully supported and supplied - and we're sure they've been worth the wait!

EBPA 812: “Drop Zone – resupply” – comprises 5 drop canisters, three open with loads, and 2 baskets. This set also comes with 2 figures unpacking the canisters.

Combine this pack with the new EBPA 820 pack to give you 2 large chutes and complete the look! Please note, the chutes are solid metal pieces, not resin or plastic

EBPA 813: “Hand carts” - 4 hand carts and 6 figures to pull and push, with optional headdress. Three carts with prepacked loads and an empty cart with an optional load of injured para.

Check out what Simon Doyle had to say about our new British Paras ...

"Of all the World War 2 units that were involved in combat, the British Airborne units were some of the most recognisable and most lauded. Renowned for their toughness and resilience, the maroon berets were immortalised in the actions in Arnhem in 1944 as part of OP MARKET GARDEN. The 'Red Devils' as they became labelled by the German forces make a great addition to any wargames or figure collection. The Offensive Miniatures latest release (December 2022), saw a new section of 10 new sculpts from the company. The section comprises of two Bren gun teams (of three men each), a two-man sniper team, a section leader and his second in command. The models fit seamlessly with Offensive's existing Elite ranges in terms of size and compatibility, they also blend in well with other companies' models on the wargame table, thereby giving a bit of variety and additional animation to the table top.

The figures I received are all metal and were incredibly clean of flash and mould lines. There is a mix of standing and crouched or prone postures and it's clear that they have been sculpted and produced to the same high standard as the rest of the Offensive models. The sniper team features 2 men who have been placed in brick rubble, the bases being part of the cast. The spotter and sniper are hiding in the bricks and debris and from the second the primer hit the metal it was easy to get a sense that these two were setting about their job. The modelled base will be a favourite for many collectors as it gives such a quick start to the basing process and also gives a lot of opportunity to do a diorama or special unit for display or gaming. The two Bren teams are well animated, the running figures such as the loaders and ammo carriers give a sense of urgency, and that they are deploying with haste, The section leader and his 2ic with Sten guns mix things up nicely too. The castings and surfaces are smooth and the definition and relief on the smocks, faces and kit bags and pouches are also pronounced enough to be able to pick out and edge highlight or dry brush. Faces take layers well and like all models, if the painter takes their time they are as expressive as any other models could be. The 10 men set currently retails at £16.00 directly from the company website. These are good value for money and anyone who wants to spice up their British WW2 collection would not go wrong by adding these models to their collection."

You can also now download Mick Farnworth's amazing (and free!) painting guide for our British paras by clicking here

Look out for more Paras dropping in We have a 75mm Pak Howitzer and 6lb gun coming soon!

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