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28mm Wargames Figures

that stand out on the tabletop

Offensive Miniatures makes historically accurate & realistically proportioned metal wargaming miniatures for the wargamer, painter & collector.

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New Russian Infantry Miniatures

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Follow The Drum Napoleonic Miniatures Range

28mm Napoleonic Miniatures covering French, British, Spanish and Polish troops from the period 1806-1815, including Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery.

Elite WW2 Miniatures Range

 28mm WW2 Miniatures covering troops, including US Paratroopers, German Fallschirmjaeger,  Waffen SS,  Volkssturm, British Paratroopers, Long Range Desert Group, Italians and others.

Near Future Modern Miniatures Range

28mm Modern miniatures that imagine a period of urban warfare and general lawlessness. Police units are pitted against gangs of rioters and terrorists.

We do our homework

As avid wargamers ourselves we spend a huge amount of time researching our new product ranges to ensure they're historically accurate & truly represent the uniforms & weapons of the period.

Stack Of Research Books

We steal the limelight

We love a bit of eye candy & to make sure that Offensive Miniatures figures always stand out on the tabletop we ensure our figures are eye-catching & come in a variety of poses.

We play nicely with others

Our figures are suitable for a variety of different rule sets. We stick to the realistic side of proportioning & therefore work best with the likes of Perry & Empress figures making them very versatile.



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