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This range of 28mm Spanish figures enables you to field the armies of the early wars against France with troops equipped in long tail jackets, fighting as fusiliers or grenadiers, the latter with the ornate grenadier bag. The range also caters for the later period battles in Spain with regular troops clothed in the British sourced uniforms and the conical shako of 1812, as well as various “voluntario” and “militia” regiments clothed with a mix of uniforms and headgear to represent the many volunteer units raised during the wars. A set of Dragoons is also included and these can be painted to represent many of the colourful uniforms used by the Spanish cavalry.


Early on in the Peninsular war many of the established regiments of the Spanish Royal Army were taken into French service under the Marques de la Romana, and these units can be created from the figures in the range. Later, completely new units of regular and volunteer troops needed to be raised to fight the French occupiers, these were often raised by towns and municipalities. While the Spanish were not generally well regarded for their fighting qualities, it was the case that the troops could fight bravely and effectively when properly led.

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