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SPECIAL OFFER: Freebie Pairs Until Salute

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

We are so disappointed that we won’t have the chance to meet up with many of our UK and International Customers this year at Salute 2020 in London. To cancel was the right but tough thing for the South London Warlords to do – but the health and safety of everyone in our wargaming community and those we come into contact with is far more important.

We were excited to bring all our new products in our ranges to those of you who had planned to attend, we have already started shipping all existing pre-orders with free of charge for postage as a gesture of good will.

We’d like to extend an offer you all of you however that were planning to come & see us at Salute, so from now until the day of Salute (11.59pm 18th April) we’ll be offering a pair of freebie figures of your choice (5 pairs available) with any order over £20 (excl. postage). Just include the relevant code in a note for the pair below that you want upon checkout.

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Freebie Details

E1: Gran Sasso - Otto Skorzeny and Mussolini

E2: US Paras "Cheeky Looter" and Officer in A2 Flying Jacket

NF1: SWAT Team Leader and Che

NF2: "On the frontline" - our news team

FD1: Drummer Boys - British Napoleonic - Sold Out!

Check out our NEW British Paras, Winter German “Tank Riders” or “Defenders of the Reich” range, if that’s not your thing we have plenty of Napoleonic, see our recently released Spanish Peninsular figures or Near Future figures, including the men of the moment....

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