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NEW RELEASE: Waffen SS “Assault Pioneers” and Brit Paras Engineers

It's been a while, but we are back with some more new figures for you! Check out our new Waffen SS “Assault Pioneers” and Brit Paras Engineers in 28mm metal!

The Waffen SS "Assault Pioneers" pack (EGSS 958) provides an assortment of 10 assault pioneers, including clearing mines and barbed wire obstacles, as well as others engaged in placing charges and using a flamethrower to clear enemy positions.

The British Paras engineers’ pack (EBPA 807) comprises 10 figures engaged in various tasks, such as probing and searching for mines, clearing barbed wire, flamethrower and preparing charges.

Both packs retail at £16. You can check out the rest of our Elite range by clicking the button below.

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