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PRE-LAUNCH: Sven Hassel figures pre-launch at Salute

Just in time for Salute, we will have a limited number of pre-launch Sven Hassel figures available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis at the show (not available on our site).

Many a wargamer grew up reading about the adventures of Sven Hassel and his colleagues in the 27th Penal Panzer Regiment. By agreement with the Sven Hassel Estate, we are pleased to enable you to relive their WWII adventures on the Eastern Front and elsewhere, on the Wargame table.

This superb set of 8 all-metal figures represents the most well-known characters from the book series, including; Tiny, the Old Man, Sven, the Legionnaire, Barcelona Blom, Gregor Martin, Julias Heide and Joseph Porta. All figures are nominal 28mm and please note that actual figures sizes vary to represent the individual characters. Uniforms vary to reflect the various different periods and actions of the group over the years. Also shown are some sample photos of the figures alongside our Elite Range Waffen SS for comparison. These Sven Hassel figures are only available as a complete set.

So, come find us at stall TN04 and check them out!

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