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NEW RELEASE: Post 1812 Napoleonic Infantry

Our Post 1812 Napoleonic Infantry 28mm metal figures are out now! All figures dressed in accordance with the Bardin regulations of 1812. Short tailed jackets, company disc marker on Shako and use of Napoleonic Lace on musicians’ uniforms.

Release comprises of 3 packs - Command, Centre, and Flank (Grenadier and Voltigeur) Companies. Each pack comprises of six figures. The Command pack includes an Officer, Sapper, Eagle Bearer, Porte Aigle and two drummers. Centre and Flank Co’s are in March Attack poses.

Prices are:

Command (FNFR221) £10

Centre (FNFR222) £8

Flank (FNFR223) £8

Also available as a Battalion Pack for just £45!

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