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NEW RELEASE: Napoleonic Spanish Line Infantry 1811

Adding to our range of Spanish Napoleonic figures we are pleased to release these Peninsular War Spanish Infantry, with the post 1811 uniform comprising shako and short tail jackets, as worn during the later period of the war.

This release is made up of 6 individual packs covering Command, Fusiliers, Grenadiers and Light Company troops, containing 6 figures each, as well as a 30 man Battalion set. Each shako has the relevant unit device e.g. Hunting horn for the Light Co., Lion for the Fusiliers etc.

See a full run down of the new packs below or browse our full range of Spanish Napoleonics.

FNSP613: Spanish Infantry 1811-15 - Command (6 figures)

FNSP614: Spanish Infantry 1811-15 - Fusiliers (6 figures)

FNSP615: Spanish Infantry 1811-15 - Grenadiers (6 figures)

FNSP616: Spanish Infantry 1811-15 - Light Company (6 figures)

FNSP617: Spanish Infantry 1811-15 - Light Company Skirmish (6 figures)

FNSP618: Spanish Infantry 1811-15 - Fusiliers Firing (6 figures)

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