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These 28mm miniatures can be used for most of the fronts the German Army fought on in WWII, including Norway, Russia, Kurland (Courland) Pocket, the late war Battles in Hungary and even the Ardennes campaign. The range comprises of over 66 figures representing a variety of German Winter clothing, weapons include late war StG 44 as well as captured Russian PPSh-41, an Anti-Tank team, and PAK40. Included in the range are “Tank Riders” suitably armed for late war battles on the Eastern Front.


Once Hitler had launched Operation Barbarossa – the invasion of Russia in 1941 the German Army unexpectedly and unplanned for found itself committed to harsh winter fighting for the next 4 years. Ill equipped at first, the Germans and their Axis allies started to develop and produce specialised equipment for the harsh winters of the war on Eastern Front.

At Stalingrad and the Battle of the Kholm (Cholm) Pocket the Germans had to improvise using anything available to provide warmth and camouflage, but as the war developed specialised reversible snow suites – Parkas - were introduced, allowing for winter and autumn use. Often jackets were worn in combination with, and over the standard issue greatcoat, showing the winter camouflage, or the reversible colours, or indeed a mix of both. Over time the mud and dirt started to turn the white more to an off white/grey colour, providing plenty of painting options.

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