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This range comprises of Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery for period 1806 through to 1815, including the important 1812 Bardin Uniform Regulations, which brought about a change in cut and style of the uniforms worn by French troops. Primarily the range covers so-called “regiments d’ligne” or line units, although some can also be used to represent Napoleon's Elite Guard regiments, as well as the troops of France’s many allies who adopted the French uniform style, such as the Italians. The cavalry are Dragoons and Lancers, and the Artillery is equipped with 8lb and 12lb guns and 6” howitzers. Within the range there are sets that can be used as casualty markers and to provide some further variety to your units.


The breadth and span of the Napoleonic Wars is truly impressive and included the highs and lows of Napoleon’s military exploits, from the early successes against the Poles in 1806-1807, early defeat and final victory against the Austrians at Wagram in 1809, battles against the various German states, ultimately turning many of these into allies and vassal states, at least for a time. 

Simultaneously the war in Spain, better known in the English speaking world as the Peninsular War and in Spain as “La Guerra de Indepenencia”, was draining men and material in endless battles against the armies of Spain; regulars and voluntarios, and in particular bands of guerrillas. In the same mix were the armies of Great Britain and its Portuguese ally, fighting France all the way through Spain in bloody battles such as Badajoz and Salamanca, right up to the Pyrenees and finally over the border and into France. 

1812 was a defining moment in Napoleon’s fortunes, after the disastrous adventure to conquer Russia , ending in retreat from Moscow and the continuing losses in Spain, a series of epic battles followed against old enemies and former allies, such as Leipzig in 1813 and final defeat at Waterloo in 1815, at the end of the 100 days campaign.

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