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Representing the last days of NAZI Germany’s Third Reich, this range of 28mm miniatures, comprises over 80 figures armed with a mix of weapons and uniforms represents those last defenders of the Reich; Policemen, Party officials and units of Volkssturm, Hitler Youth and Volksgrenadiers who bravely fought against the odds to protect their homeland.


As the Allies; the British, Americans, Canadians and others advanced from the West, and the Russians closed in from the East, in a desperate struggle for survival of the Fatherland, Germany resorted to calling up its last reserves, to reinforce the Wehrmacht and SS units, converting sailors and airmen to ground fighting roles and using medically unfit military personnel – so called “stomach” battalions, to hold the line. In addition, old men and boys were used, formed into fighting units, and armed with single shot anti-tank weapons such as the Panzerfaust, outdated rifles as well as captured weapons.


These troops were used in particular on the Eastern Front to defend against the advancing Soviet armies, forming part of valiant but ultimately futile last stands in Fortress (Festung) cities such as Breslau, until finally overwhelmed.

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