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These 28mm miniatures represent the infantry regiments and riflemen of Britain’s Peninsular War Army. They can be used as Foot Guards or Line Infantry regiments, wearing the “stovepipe” shako in regular use up to 1812. The Infantry are armed with the Brown Bess musket and the riflemen carry the Baker rifle. A set of casualties is also included in the range.


Under the leadership of the Duke of Wellington the British fought many battles in Spain from the period of 1806 right up until the defeat of France in 1814, often with their Spanish and Portuguese allies. Famous battles of the period include the retreat to Corunna under General Moore, the battles of Albuera, Talavera, Salamanca, and the siege of Badajoz, amongst many others, culminating in the French frontier being and the Battle of Toulouse.

The terrain and conditions in Spain was often arduous and as the British were fighting at the end of severely stretched supply lines equipment and uniforms became worn out before being replaced, requiring therefore local repairs and use of locally sourced materials, such that the soldiers often had a ragged appearance of worn out footwear, various colour trousers, as well as patch repairs.

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